Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is Sreevatsa Lunchbox?

Sreevatsa Lunchbox is a Central Kitchen undertaking Corporate and Industrial Catering to more than 2000 Consumers. We deliver packed meals to individual customers. We also undertake party and function orders

Where is it located?

The Central Kitchen, Restaurant and Party Lawns is located at Saravanampatty, Coimbatore adjacent to Sreevatsa Global Village Gated Community near Kumaraguru College of Technology

When was it started?

Operations started in February 2015

Do you serve non-veg?

No. Sreevatsa Lunchbox is a pure vegetarian restaurant.

Is it organic?

No. Food prepared at Sreevatsa Lunchbox is not pure organic though depending on availability organic produce is also used.

Do you have any certification?

Sreevatsa Lunchbox is certified by FSSAI and ISO 22000 for Health and Food Safety by TUV SUD

Where do you buy the ingredients?

ISO 22000 requires purchase of only branded provisions. Hence all our purchases are from FSSAI certified Branded ingredients only. The vegetables and fruits are purchased fresh daily from the market. Usage is only after clearing quality check and adequate sanitation prior to issue for production.

How do you serve the corporates?

Daily production is batched as per customer requirements in sealed drums/CAMBROs and shipped to customer location where the food is stored in BAIN MARIE for heat retention and served to the consumers.

What about water?

The Kitchen is equipped with an in-house Reverse Osmosis plant which is tested regularly for water purity. Cooking is done using only R.O. water

The waste water from the kitchen is then treated efficiently using an in-house Sewage Treatment Plant which re-cycles and filters the water adequately for landscaping the extensive party lawns available at the premises

What is minimum order quantity?

For Home Delivery we deliver even a single pack and we do not charge for delivery. For party orders we accept from a minimum of 10 PAX packed in Carriers. For Corporate Deliveries we start from minimum 10 PAX

What are the areas Covered for delivery?

We deliver to most locations in Coimbatore within Kalapatti, Peelamedu, Sowripalayam, Ukkadam Bus Stop, Vadavalli Bus Stop, Edayarpalayam, Thudiyalur, Keeranatham

Do you have any city centres for pick up?

No we do not have any city centres for pick up as it unnecessarily increases time of delivery

What containers do you use for packing?

The containers used are of 100 microns, recyclable and Food grade. The containers help in air tight retention of the items packed. The sealing temperature of the container is above 150 deg C. The maximum cooking temperature of the food is 80 to 100 deg C only depending on the item.

Why do you have only limited choices?

We believe in serving adequate quantity and standardization of meals delivered over longer distances. Increasing choices, packing and supplying full South Indian Meals is not possible as most items would taste differently over time and are not enjoyed when served cold unlike western food which can be reheated easily. While we can increase the number of items we shall definitely study the same based on reviews and feedback of consumers.

Why don't you take orders after the cut-off time?

We start accepting orders for lunch and dinner from the previous date of delivery requirement. We close order in-take for lunch at 9:30 AM and dinner at 5:00 P.M. We do not accept orders after the cut-off time as it may disrupt the supply chain.

Do you serve breakfast?

No. We do not serve breakfast. However we serve breakfast within Sreevatsa Global Village if ordered the previous day

Do you undertake party orders?

Yes we undertake party orders.

Can we order to the delivery agent?

No; Orders are to be given only on our mobile number - 9486363503 or on APPSIN1 on Google Play Store

Why do you not serve multiple cuisines/exotic food?

We believe in serving regular meals delivered anywhere in Coimbatore so that one may not need to worry about carrying food from home. Nothing can replace the privilege and comfort of food delivered at one's own table. However we do serve special items for party orders

What is so special about your food?

We do not use any food additives or taste enhancers in preparation. The food is cooked in a normal fashion so that it is possible to consume on a daily basis.

What are the changes made daily?

The Variety Rice, Gravy, Poriyal and Kootu are changed on a daily basis as per the menu of the day.

What time will the food be delivered?

Lunch will be delivered before 1:30 P.M. Dinner will be delivered before 8:30 P.M.

Do you have monthly or yearly plan?

We have only a weekly plan. The payment shall be made in advance for the entire week so that delivery is confirmed for the said days.

When are you open?

We serve Lunch on all 7 days. Dinner is served on all days other than Sunday.
We are closed on public holidays like Pongal, Diwali, Republic Day, Independence Day etc.